Cyberpunk 2077 storyline – Journey to find a chance to survive

Returning to the Cyberpunk 2077 plot, V after struggling with Johnny in mind, he disappeared. V receives a call to meet from Takemura. Until now we all wonder why she has not been killed or taken back to Arasaka Corporation.

While at the landfill last time, Takemura even informed someone, possibly Saburo’s son. That Takemura would take her back. V refused to meet him, after what happened in the past.

She still could not calm down but Takemura replied that because he saved her life. If you want to stay alive, that means if you want to get rid of the chip you must meet him.

He made an appointment with her at a restaurant. V asks why Takemura wants to save her. It was because he wanted to get the chip back, but what Takemura cared about was that he needed her as a witness to Yorinobu’s murder of his father, Saburo.

Takemura is a very loyal person. To accuse Yorinobu, Takemura had to find enough evidence. He begins with finding Evelyn Parker, since being Yorinobu’s lover she will know how to approach him.

She also needs to meet Evelyn Parker because Evelyn was the one who asked V and Jackie to attach the chip to him. When completing the task, she will help remove the chip.

But it seems that she wiped the mark and ran away. Takemura asked V if Evelyn would work for any corporation, if she promised to help V remove the chip. Here, Morm also wondered what Evelyn’s purpose was, who Evelyn worked for because she had tried to ask, but she did not reveal.

V refused to cooperate because she did not have much time to live anymore. Takemura begged V for help. He wants Yorinobu to pay the price for this crime.

Takemura will prepare a meeting between V and his allies to testify, but V finds it impossible. At this point, Takemura used a different persuasion and said that if she helped him, she would be saved too.

The chip is made by Arasaka Corporation and they will know how to remove it. You just need to find allies from that corporation. V mentions an Anders Hellman man who created the chip. She learned this information was due to finding out before attempting the robbery.