Dark Souls Remastered – Game Review

Nearly 7 years ago, the gaming world received a super product called Dark Souls, opening a unique role-playing genre. It is inherited and developed on the solid foundation of Demon’s Souls that debuted since 5 years earlier.

A gamer named Forsakensilve also felt that Dark Souls game was too difficult for him when he died too much in the game. Not giving up like many other gamers, this gamer came up with an extremely unique idea that is “adding guns” to Dark Souls game.

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There are seven guns that replace long-range weapons with this mod. And Forsakensilver said that players can freely use weapons as long as appropriate content is given.

The overall light of the Dark Souls Remastered is a bright plus when it is well balanced among the dark shadows. In addition to that, the live shadow effect is more beautiful, cleaner and also shows the highlight that the reliefs on the walls and floors vividly.

And according to the subjective evaluation of the writer, the balance in the graphics of Dark Souls Remastered is better than the graphics of Dark Souls. Players can attack phantoms while being summoned. That is, the character who is still not ready is already fighting

For two-handed variants, they allow weapons to deal less damage per shot with reduced accuracy. But it does not cause too much force. That way, players can adjust the performance of weapons for many different boss battles.

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In addition to turning weapons into guns, the mod also adds new graphic and sound effects to reflect the firing rate of each weapon. Thus, the faster the rate of fire, the more bullets will hit the enemy. Because a similar mod was made for The Witcher. Wild Hunt to allow Geralt of Rivia to use handguns.