Dying Light Game – True horror action quality

Dying Light does not bring any new elements that really stand out, but just harmoniously combines the mechanics of different games. But that was more than enough for my spectacular performance.

Techland is a game developer from Poland, who has gone through quite a lot during the 21 years of its game release. Although owning a small fan community, but also enthusiastic enough for its products like Call of Juarez or Dead Island. Maybe Techland needs a new name enough to elevate the brand and for people. Let’s see how much their potential can be.

And so Dying Light was born, which was the result of Techland’s efforts. Dead Island may bring in quite a large revenue, but Techland said that Dying Light is the Dead Island game they have always wanted to make.

After the first images and impressions, many people will believe that Dying Light will just be a Dead Island version plus parkour mechanism. Can Techland get past those gossip and deliver a unique, stressful but equally engaging experience as promised before?

It’s not hard to see that Dying Light borrows a lot of elements from other games. From Dead Island’s combat style that focuses heavily on the melee and moderately-sized open world of Dead Island.

That’s parkour mechanics in Mirror’s Edge to the role-playing element of Far Cry 3. But Techland has proved extremely harmonious. both of these elements and make for a diverse, enjoyable and incredibly engaging experience.

Not as complicated and confusing as Mirror’s Edge. But not as boring as Assassin’s Creed, parkour in Dying Light requires a little time for players to get used to the environment and terrain. And when you are mature, there are no obstacles that you cannot overcome. When upgraded to parkour skill in Agility branch