If you have a pet in a horror game, which one will you choose

A pet in a horror game sounds cool. Surely it is better than the ridiculous kind of beast that only has a code, but it is not worth anything.

If there is a chance, I also want to try a pet in the game and especially the horror game. Because not to mention the coolness, they are also extremely diverse in types. With all kinds of rare features that are hard to find, making the owner bloom when possessing.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and this statement is certainly true from real life to in the game. So the first candidate on this list must be the Zombie or Cerberus dogs from Resident Evil.

You might think that out of the vast array of cool monster genres in this series, the dogs don’t seem to be worthy of it. But think again because we are choosing pets, not biological weapons of mass destruction.

Licker also crawls on all fours, but he is blind and is a mutated Zombie, not an animal, Hunter is quite cool and can listen to it. But these guys are more like machines than creatures.

Cerberus is the most reasonable choice, they have a familiar shape, easy to raise, easy to listen to with medium size. You can be considered a normal dog if you ignore the issue of blood and gore.

Cerberus can do all that a pet can do, it is extremely active for games beyond play like throwing and catching. First of all, Xenomorph’s body composition is gorgeous. They achieve a perfection of body composition with long limbs and an extremely flexible tail. That’s allowing this species to climb and hang around in any location what picture.

This is very important for those who have a hobby of moving or working all day. Because you will not have to take care of your pet regularly, and will not worry about it starving like some kind of pet dogs.

Xenomorph’s nature is to kill to create the maximum habitat for his species. That is, it is extremely suitable for people who like autism in the home. Just plug in a Xenomorph at the door and a whole bunch of uninvited guests will never be able to bother you again.