It turns out that long-sleeved hacking in PUBG Mobile is real

Thought this was an irrational hacker idea in the game. But it turns out, long-sleeved hacking in PUBG Mobile is completely real in real life.

PUBG Mobile has long been considered one of the most hacked games in the world. There are tons of hacking styles that appear in PUBG Mobile, from hacking walls.

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Among them, there is a type of hack that makes viewers admire. It was the hacker who turned himself into “long hand screams” or rather, like Luffy from One Piece. Although it seems weird, the truth is this hacking idea is real in real life.

Usually, the most common holding stance is to hold at shoulder level and when shooting. The shooter will cut a part of his body to the side. It is crucial to ensure the safety of the shooter and maximize the accuracy. This gun holding pose is kept the same in the game.

Which means that when playing PUBG Mobile, gamers see how their character holds the gun. Then in real life they will be quite like that.

So, holding a gun higher than the head is often seen in wars in Africa. The soldiers here, they shoot and raise their guns overhead. Many people think that this way of holding guns is due to their lack of knowledge of guns.

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However, the truth is not like that, although this pose is very strange. But it is the key to limit the damage caused. Although it was difficult to hit and waste bullets, this action showed some of the lives of the soldiers here.

However, the downside is the huge recoil, long-term use will damage the body of the shot. The body suffers a lot of damage, and putting a gun above the head may partly prevent this problem. But that is only part of the reason, the second reason is the way this gun is held