King of fighter XIV introduces new characters to shock the player

Specifically, the character of Tung Fu Rue. He is this martial artist who is the martial arts teacher for Geese Howard, Jeff Bogard. He invented the Hakkyokuseiken – the Noble Eightfold Technique.

This character has barely appeared in the games of King of Fighter, only on some versions of Fatal Fury. The inclusion of this character into a big name like King of Fighter XIV was a surprise for the fan community.

The King of Fighters All Star - game mobile ARPG thương hiệu ...

A brand new character with a mysterious mask, SNK Playmore has not revealed any information about this character. Predicting this is also one of the gladiators from the Fatal Fury fighting game series.

Besides, the redesign of the gladiator costumes is also a way SNK Playmore is more fashionable for fans. After more than 20 years of fighting in the arena, the outfits are no longer trendy. Predict character costumes will be unlocked more with gameplay points similar to Street Fighter V.

Gamers will be exploring a 3D city for the first time in the KOF series. Gamers can call a taxi to go where they want, and eat with friends. Gamers will be able to choose one of the 4 starting characters and join the journey to experience the game.

Community gamers outside of this region will be forced to switch areas on the Play Store if they want to get their hands on the game. However, the game still retains the famous character system, the context, the music and the fighting style that have made a name for themselves.

When playing King of Fighters All Star, players will feel as if the developers just made it that way. They turned it into something that did not provide the most basic appeal that an Action game should have.

Right at the beginning of the game, players will enjoy the performances of many characters designed in 3D. Throughout the history of the game industry, very few companies have introduced what gamers need to do within the first 10 seconds. SNK also only gives flashy and shiny things without going into central details.