NieR: Automata game – Explains plot and mysteries

We will now realize that, ever since A2 escaped from YoRHa, she has always been traveling around the Earth to hunt and destroy the machines. After knocking down the machine, she collapsed.

When she wakes up, A2 discovers that her energy game filter needs to be replaced. This annoyed A2, so she needed to see Pascal. A2 does not trust Pascal, simply because she hates the machines.

Her thoughts changed when she realized that perhaps the robots in Pascal’s territory were not as bad as she had thought. Unfortunately, the moment of peace did not last, when this place was suddenly attacked by hostile machines.

Pascal and the villagers flee to the Abandoned Factory, but A2 finds out that the enemy is also starting to surround the place in game. To protect the children, she and Pascal fought together.

Back to 9S, he wakes up with Pod 153 and is determined to destroy all the machines as well as A2. 9S finds himself in the Resistance Camp and is being healed by Devola and Popola, the twin Android twins in a resistance unit on the ground.

After recovering, 9S began exploring the white city underground. Here, he needed to infiltrate the three sub towers before he could enter the central tower. During this process, 9S uncovered terrible secrets about Project YoRHa in game.

After learning everything, 9S suffered a severe mental shock and gradually lost herself in grief over 2B’s death as well as the anger towards A2. After dealing with the 3 sub towers, he started walking towards the central tower. At the same time, A2 was also on her way here.

9S is the first to reach the tower thanks to the sacrifice of sisters Devola and Popola. There, a voice appeared and started to tease 9S. On his way to the top of the tower, he had to fight clone versions of 2B