Pragmata – A new adventure game from Capcom

Pragmata is an enchanting new adventure game coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X from Capcom. Capcom announced at Sony’s PlayStation 5 launch earlier today, a stylish adventure game “set in the near future on the Moon”. The trailer briefly introduces the content of the game and promises to bring the best experience to fans.

The content of the trailer shows us a scene of a character dressed in an astronaut’s coat. Reportedly, the game Pragmata is expected to launch in 2022 and the developer will not give any more information next year. On Capcom’s post said, they are extremely proud of the game Pragmata.

This is a game set in the context of sci-fi more spectacular and engaging than ever. In addition, Sony’s Showcase also made a series of PC-related announcements. It includes Square Enix’s Project Athia, footage from Gearbox’s RPG hero role-playing game and Resident Evil 8.

That’s among other interesting pieces of information. Many people have exclaimed “confusing like Death Stranding!” after watching the Pragmata trailer and it almost became a psychological burden.

It makes no one bother to look into it to find more clues about this game. In fact, if you look closely, you will find many interesting hints for the possibilities that this game might become.

In addition to the main trailer which is more than 2 minutes long, Gamespot’s Youtube channel then released a full trailer. It is longer than 3 minutes. Adding a few short scenes scattered in the game.

We can only take hints from here to deduce the gameplay mechanics. Covering this trailer is a virtual world – mixed reality. If the first scenes when the big male character looks for a little girl in the heart of the city is extremely honest.

The latter part completely turns this upside down. The cat with the semi-virtual, semi-real structures signals us that there are virtual reconstructions.