Resident Evil 3 Remake First Impressions – More like action games than horror

The most anticipated horror game of the past time – Resident Evil 3 Remake is finally released. In general the name Nemesis alone is more than enough for people to be curious.

Many people believe that Capcom is a bit in a hurry to release the Resident Evil 3 Remake after only 1 year and still use the old engine. But with the demo for trial play, everything is fine. However, after buying and experiencing this game, the writer feels it seems to have started to deviate again.

There is one thing to say about the Resident Evil 3 Remake that everything goes so fast as the hypersonic speed rocket. Simply put, Resident Evil 3 Remake cut off the entire opening at the Raccoon police station, it shoots you straight to the part of Jill with Carlos’s group. In fact, when I played the demo, I also felt a bit skeptical, but I doubted that Capcom let me fly so much.

It feels like the default Resident Evil 3 Remake is that all players have ever experienced the original, or at least purchased the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Because it does not explain at all at all about the ongoing disaster.

What kind of organization is Umbrella and what is the black trash-wrapped dinosaur that is chasing you to your ass. This basically makes the pace of Resident Evil 3 Remake so fast, that you get caught up in the wind.

Resident Evil 3 Remake’s combat mechanism is basically an improvement of version 2, the most important of which is Jill’s acrobatics to dodge. This is something to say is super imba, although you have experienced it in the demo.

But after you enter the game, you will see how terrible it is. Now we will no longer have to worry about being blocked by Zombie anymore, because with a simple R1 button everything is solved.

Of course it still requires you to hit the right time, but the enemy’s attack speed in Resident Evil 3 Remake is a bit slow so it’s pretty simple. Nemesis this time is much more annoying than Mr.X in Resident Evil 2 Remake, as he often fumble and chase Jill.

Another point is that this deadly monster uses a hose extremely fluently. In addition to a long time it will use the hose to curl the legs of prey, Nemesis can also grasp something and then flick her body.