Revealing the ingame appearance of Yasuo’s brother, it was Lillia who revived Yone

With the information revealed, the next champion will debut the League of Legends arena after Lillia, will be Yone – Yasuo’s brother.

It was a masked assassin. Images of costumes in the cosmos flower continent for Yone have also been revealed. And recently, the makers of League of Legends game are determined to change their product names to Leak of Legends. That’s when revealing the default image of Yone.

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This is also the first full picture of this general that we can observe: A dual-swordsman, with a mask and aura of darkness surrounding him.

According to the theory of Necrit – A Youtuber who correctly predicted that Yone is the next champion of League of Legends, then the new champion – Lillia. She could be the one who revived Yone.

Lillia is born from the pure energy of the Great Mother Tree, which is absorbed from the dreams of living creatures. And he thinks that Lillia also possesses the same power as the mother tree.

It is she who encounters Yone in Yasuo’s dream, transforms this source of energy into a living creature and brings Yone back to the human world.

However, Necrit 94’s theory also had some problems, mainly because Lillia’s power was not that great. Her skill set is incapable of reviving or creating life from dreams.

Therefore, perhaps in search of a more suitable possibility. We can favor the hypothesis that the power of the Great Mother Tree is the source of Yone’s revival.

The weakening of the mother tree, plus Yone’s hatred of death at the hands of his brother. It is possible that the cause of Yone became a distorted personality and looked even more evil after the revival.

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Here, we can see Yasuo’s sword and the image of the sword reflected under the water completely different. Even the reflection showed a hand holding a teapot, and apparently, this was not Yasuo, but definitely Yone.

Is the contrast between reality and virtual here an implication that Yasuo’s dream of meeting Yone has come true?