Review Anno 1800 Game

Rainbow Six Siege continues to maintain its form after all these years with a huge loyal fan base. With city-building games, graphics have never been the strength of this series. This is actually understandable with a picky game line of players, the number of works only increases, not decreases.

Anno 1800 players will take responsibility for their own destiny as they navigate the fast-growing industries and master the fierce political arena. Ubisoft’s Anno city-building series has always attracted fans of the construction genre around the world because of its unique setting.

You will have to build a strong empire, against famous cities in Europe and South America. The game possesses creative gameplay and is set in an important historical context of humanity.

So, up to now, few city-building games have escaped the safety threshold of graphics. But of course, everything has exceptions, and the Anno 1800 is truly an interesting exception.

With the Anno 1800, the works of the 19th century appeared in full detail and eye-catching. Zooming in, you will see people doing their daily jobs.

A country sprouting up with industrial might, a city of dreams, full of splendor and art, the Anno 1800 made its first impression extremely well. The game camera is also designed to exploit all the strengths of Anno 1800, players can choose for themselves the best viewing angle.

Parallel to the picture, the sound part is the next thing I appreciate in Anno 1800. The symphonies are classical but not boring with the characteristic characteristic of 19th century Europe. Gentle affection to strong heroism is intentional and leads the player to continue deep into the game.

Graphics or sound are just something used to enhance the beauty of a game. Recently, Ubisoft has brought a completely new update, adding Co-op features to the game for the first time.