Review Game The Persistence

The Persistence takes players to join the journey of Zimri Elder – a security officer working on the ship The Persistence. At this point, she will have with another person, Serena, have to restore the ship in order to return to Earth.

Therefore, the chosen one, is the player will have the task of doing everything from starting to each type of device. And you must face all dangers while Serena will take care of the logistics as well as give the necessary warnings and instructions from afar.

Entering the first area, Zimri will possess a stem cell collection device as a default and of course indestructible item. Accordingly, players will be able to use this device to collect cells from mutants or directly fight with them.

Of course, the fact that you gently sneak up behind these aggressive mutants. And drain their stem cells will be rewarded with a score that allows you to upgrade your character. But choosing to directly defeat the enemy will save you time as well as give players some equally enjoyable experience.

Thus, your horrifying journey will become less scary by hoarding weapons and using them to slaughter the enemy, if you are more fortunate. Players can completely win a BloodHound or Berserker with the ability to defeat both players and enemies with just one hit.

Despite the loss of weapons, points such as FAB Chips and stem cells will be retained for the stat boost and body swap. Every so many times, you can confidently run to the following areas without spending too much time facing the enemy.

Of course, the game will not require you to face all enemies. Instead, you can rely on the properties of each monster to defeat them. Typically this is The Listener with the ability to use guns but can only detect the character’s position when moving.

Or BloodHound with a relatively slow movement speed and only becomes dangerous when you get too close to him. Thereby, each enemy type in The Persistence will require you to map out a variety of approaches, as well as cause players to pay by time if not careful.