Review Gears 5 – Continue writing the long shift about the soldier

Finally, the super product for XBOX and Windows 10 – Gears 5 has also been released after nearly 3 years of waiting. As a veteran fan of the legendary Gears of War series from the first versions released on XBOX 360. So it is not surprising that I have downloaded this game from 2 weeks before the launch.

The first is about graphics, to say that The Coalition gave the performance of the XBOX ONE series to each object. Every scene, every drop of water, is extremely well cared for.

Gears 5 được đánh giá cao, nhà phát triển muốn series "không chỉ ...

Not to mention that the map of Gears 5 is so vast, but when opening new areas, there is still no sign of lag. This is extremely impressive handling from the game developers.

The second improvement is the player’s interaction with the environment better. You can use objects in the game environment as a shield. Even the environment changes when you can shoot down walls so the enemy can’t hide.

You can shoot ice to let enemies fall into the ice lake. Even if you are not careful, standing on the glacier is still being shot by broken monsters and garlic cloves. This is an impressive progress.

Enemies also have AI and move more flexibly. High-level monsters now hide and avoid bullets rather than stand and watch players shoot guns at them.

Cái kết của Gears 5

The weapon section has also been increased by several types, more mobile characters in choosing the right weapon. Previously, only the Lancer tree was used. However, I can say that Lancer is still the most suitable and easy to use weapon in the game.

This version is also for 3 players together but unfortunately the 3rd person will control an artificial intelligence robot. That’s why I said Gears 5 still gives 2 co-ops that is why. If talking about the Jack robot, Gears 5 gives this Jack a lot of interesting improvements when he can collect items.