Rise of The Tomb Raider – Lara Croft’s journey of discovery

After debuting on Xbox One at the end of last year, finally, the journey of adventure girl Lara Croft. And now we have the opportunity to follow this powerful girl again to explore the mysterious ancient ruins.

The old version has received very positive reviews and helped the developer get motivated to continue implementing this cult game series. This year, the explorer girl Lara Croft has returned and brought with her many fans’ expectations. But have those expectations been paid off?

The world in Rise Of The Tomb Raider was built from Crystal Dynamics’ new engine called Foudation. And it has displayed its formidable strength. The scene in the game is built very monumentally. The light is extremely impressive, the graphics are sharp and detailed.

It seems that all arrangements are calculated to give players the most overwhelming feeling when immersing in majestic nature. But that alone is not enough to achieve perfection, but need the contribution of superior sound system.

Every sound is reproduced authentically and in detail. From the sound of creaking footsteps on the wood, the noise of the water surface to the sound of gunshots all achieved perfection. The soundtracks are carefully selected, sometimes there is a great urge, sometimes slowly.

Not an open world game, but Rise Of The Tomb Raider also owns a fairly large world with lots to explore. Players will be transported to arid deserts, wet forests and cold snowy mountains.

Now, Lara can jump more freely than before thanks to a unique hook and dive underwater thanks to a special breathing mask. Although these missions are similar, it is worthwhile for players to spend a little more time experimenting.

In addition, to encourage players to enjoy the beauty of the game, the producer has added requirements to find objects for each game screen. It could be 7 scattered flags or 5 bells hanging somewhere. Their positions are not challenging for gamers, but only for the purpose of stimulating exploration and discovery.