Robocraft game – Battlefield of magical machines

Have you ever thought? Is there any game that allows players to design a war machine and fight with each other with those machines? Sounds quite interesting, right?

In this article we will learn about one of the very few such games, which is Robocraft. Although I have not yet achieved great success, with my unique gameplay. Robocraft still owns a community of enthusiastic and active players.

As mentioned above, Robocraft gives players great customization by allowing them to freely assemble their war machines. In each level, the player will have a material limit.

When enough exp and to a larger level, players will have the right to use more materials when building a robot. That means the machines are getting bigger, stronger, faster and smarter with each level. At this point, it is necessary to manually build a robot as powerful as possible to fight and defeat other players.

Robots with too much armor have a great inertia, become heavy and easily target an enemy with strong firepower. Robots equipped with too much firepower will have to trade off with lack of space to focus on endurance and mobility.

Besides, you also have to find a way for the robot to be able to fight effectively under your playing style while ensuring it is beautiful. Of course, no one would want others to see their name hanging on top of a weird machine.

It is the construction system that offers almost limitless customization in the game that sets the stage for gameplay of all shapes and sizes. You can create anything as long as you want, the more powerful a combat vehicle possible, something that works fun.

A plane is not very practical at dealing damage, but it is quite interesting when you can use it to fly across the map in the eye of the opponent. Not only can you create yourself. Players can also share their robot configuration with others.