Rules Of Survival – Racing in the survival game why not

Rules of Survival survival shooter will add fierce new racing mode in the game. Recently in the press conference announced the new Update as well as introduced the development orientation of Rules of Survival in the future.

NetEase producer also unexpectedly released a trailer introducing “a new breakthrough in vehicles in the game”. Rule Of Survival is rated as one of the hottest mobile games today with beautiful graphics.

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Interesting gameplay and facilities that gamers can use in Rules of Survival are extremely diverse and dual use is also different. There are simple items like bicycles, motorbikes, 3-wheel vehicles to vehicles with very high speed of movement.

They are such as sports car racing, crossing all terrain like armored vehicles. Or even just moving on land and underwater as air cushion vehicles. They Help gamers to freely choose according to their preferences.

The competition is fierce today as other titles are competing to find ways to help players increase the experience in the best way. Especially, direct competitors with ROS mobile in the market have updated the racing and shooting mode for a certain period of time.

In the end, NetEase also had to follow the movement and add an extremely intense racing mode for Rules Of Survival. The racing system in Rules Of Survival will have the most fashionable racing cars.

NetEase's Rules of Survival Revenue Shoots Past $75 Million Worldwide

Moreover, the racing category is also expanded as more pickups, heavy trucks that you are familiar with in real racing games. Regarding the design of creating racing cars in the survival game of NetEase, it is not necessary to say because of the attraction about colors and designs.

This new racing mode will take the form of teams. Each battle can take place up to 15 teams. Each team has 4 people. Players conduct control of vehicles and overcome obstacles and must destroy or overcome opponents to race with them. You can alternate positions, the driver and the shooter. During the game, you can use support equipment such as gasoline, masks