Season Two – Clementine’s confused adulthood

It can be said that the adventures of Lee Everett and Clementine have captured the hearts of many gamers. Lee fell down in the previous season, but Clementine is still there and moving on in adulthood.

Still a chaotic survival story, but a single Clementine in the Zombie disaster. The game promises to bring many unforgettable memories and experiences for gamers in part 2 of the series.

The Walking Dead: Season Two is the perfect step to the unfinished ending at the beginning. Now, Clementine is the center of her own story without Lee to take care of and guard.

A fierce living environment and loneliness will make people change and mature more. In order to survive, if she didn’t become tough and assertive, her life could be taken away at any moment.

When we entered The Walking Dead: Season Two, we were all Clementine. The choice of words and actions for each event will define the personality of Clementine that players want to aim for in the future. It could have been a cynical, lonely Clem in this cruel world of Walkers.

Or a gentle and sympathetic Clem, always helping his friends. However, whether she had a good or bad personality, Telltales Games’ main goal was to find a new family for Clementine. Then again in pain when losing your family again, the game decides to keep the same tragic nature as the first part.

The life-and-death decisions in the game seem to weigh on the shoulders of a teenage girl. Every character’s psychological development is created in line with the thoughts of this age.

And the most difficult thing for the player is the decision-making from a little girl’s perspective. Players will see the impulsive and rapid psychological change in Clementine in each segment of the game. Making a choice is always difficult. Especially when a life can be lost just because of one wrong word or action of oneself.