Speed ​​Brawl Review – Not Just Strong, But Fast

Speed ​​Brawl’s story takes place in London in 1888. At this time, humans have defeated creatures shaped like insects Selenites from the Moon that intended to invade the Earth.

They make them tools for the popular sport called Speed ​​Brawl. With the simple rules of the game, run from starting point to finish line as soon as possible while facing a multitude of enemies along the way. Many big and small Speed ​​Brawl tournaments broke out to attract Brawlers.

Speed ​​Brawl athletes join to win the chance to win a lucrative bonus. At the beginning of the game without any instructions, it immediately throws you into the middle of the battlefield.

This is a flashback game of Abigal, former Speed ​​Brawl champion, as she faces Hugo Wells. The video is done very impressively will make you feel like watching the opening of a real cartoon. Along with that, the title song of the game will definitely ignite the fire in you making you want to play immediately.

The amount of damage you do will depend on your speed. If you just stand in one place and spam the button, your attack will be very weak. However, if you accelerate quickly and rush into the opponent, it will cause huge damage to them. From that basic element, the game appeared many new mechanics such as Dash, Pole Swing, Wall Kick.

Meanwhile, Dodge is something you have to fall in love. Because the amount of damage that the enemy inflicts on you is quite high, just take about 5 hits and Game Over right away. Besides the familiar Special Attack or Ultimate Attack, the game also applies the Counter Attack mechanism in which is very popular in action games.

Another new feature in Speed ​​Brawl is the Tag Team mechanism that is very familiar in the fighting game genre. You will control two characters alternately, each with its own health and energy bar.