Summary of the Ghost of Tsushima game plot

The setting in the game Ghost of Tsushima takes place in an island and is based on a real event in history. Japanese mythology reports that Tsushima is one of the eight original islands created by the two Shinto gods, Izanagi and Izanami.

Archaeological evidence shows that Tsushima was inhabited by the Japanese archipelago. And the Korean game peninsula from the Jomon period to the Kofun period.

It is one of about 30 countries that make up the nation of Yamataikoku union. These households controlled the island of Iki, and established trade routes with Yayoi Japan. Since Tsushima has almost no arable land, the islanders make a living by fishing and commerce.

However, the battle ended in catastrophe, with the entire army of small samurai killed, Lord Shimura being captured. Jin was seriously injured and left to death – for a samurai, losing a battle and being alive was worse than dying.

Jin was found and cared for by Yuna, a village thief woman until he recovered. And sadly informed him that most of Tsushima had fallen into the hands of the Mongols.

Jin, enraged, stormed Khotun’s stronghold at Kaneda Castle in a fragile attempt to rescue Lord Shimura. But is easily defeated by Khotun in battle and thrown off the bridge.

Realizing that I cannot defeat even the bloodthirsty Mongol armies with just the traditional samurai combat tactics. Jin began to scour the island to recruit allies and learn new combat techniques to aid in the mission of rescuing Lord Shimura.

Yuna is the name of the thief girl who saved Jin in the first place. She teaches him stealth skills of thief, helping him devise a new fighting technique. He recruits her and Yuna’s brother Taka – a talented blacksmith and devious merchant Kenji.

As Jin disrupted the movements of the Mongols and slowly liberated villages across the island, the locals began to revere. Desperate and starving, Ryuzo and the Straw Hats betrayed Jin for the Mongolian bounty. But Jin tried to fight, free Lord Shimura and recapture Kaneda Castle.