The crusader Kings II game play experience

Digital Experience shares Crusader Kings II experience for those who experience this game for the first time. Crusader Kings II is the second game and the latest installment in the grand strategy series Crusader Kings.

Although it is a few years old, this game is still very attractive to players, thanks to its huge tactical scale and rich content with more than 20 DLC. In Crusader Kings II, you not only represent a country or a character, but your entire dynasty.

That is why family and clan are the most important thing in the game. When the character you control is lost for any reason, the player will continue to control the character’s successor.

Ruling long enough will allow the player to change the rules of inheritance, affecting your heirs. But in most cases you will give power back to your oldest child.

Once dynasty, you have found an heir, then it is time to expand the coast for future generations. However, Crusader Kings II does not allow you to create arbitrations but must have a good reason to play called a casus belli. There are many different ways to create a reason.

But in the early stages of the game there is no other way than to create it. This is a job for Chancellor. Initially, the outside must create an avatar for you on the interface of the game as a co-organizer.

So you have declared war successfully, and it is time for the fight. However, the battle in Crusader Kings II is quite different because the player will not build anything.

Every county in your territory has tax revenues that you need to take advantage of by increasing or eliminating them. Your council will always give you the maximum amount of troops they have.