Visage – Decoding the storyline of the scariest horror game in Steam

In fact, Visage is being honored as the most horrible horror game of 2020. It is – the product under the hands of indie development team SadQuare Studio.

Still has ghost images of cramped rooms, corridors darkness and strange silhouette suddenly appeared under the ambiguous light. But Visage brings a unique monstrosity that drills right into the player’s brain.

Visage has a very vague beginning where the player has little idea why he is here in this dark house. All we know the protagonist understands somewhat about the house.

Even understood that behind its peaceful appearance, there was something magical about it. Only in the beginning of the game the player hears a phone call.

In fact, this is a hint to the identity of the main character, a man named Dwayne Anderson. Many Visage fans believe that Dwayne Anderson plays a role as a reporter or a relative of the owner of the house.

Who comes here to investigate about the strange things going on. However, the theory is more inclined to the role of a reporter due to the ability to use the camera proficiently throughout the length of the Visage.

One of the many unlucky cases is the family of the little girl Lucy, where countless events happen that directly affect Visage’s current timeline. The story begins when Lucy’s family moves to the house and almost immediately begins to appear abnormal signs.

But even science couldn’t explain what was happening to Lucy, and even made the situation visibly worse. The culmination of that transformation is that Lucy personally kills the bird she once loved. She brought her parents into real crisis over her daughter’s transformation. But neither of you know, it’s not over here.

And yet, throughout the length of the game, players also discover pictures with the title Sarah below. Another name that is not linked to the main storyline. Many people believe that these names are simply other families that used to live in the house. Families that have now become monsters controlled by the other foreign body.